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Managing Director of Shopee Vietnam- Empowering sellers in their journey on e-co妹妹erce

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Managing Director of Shopee Vietnam: Empowering sellers in their journey on e-co妹妹erce

E-co妹妹erce has become the main distribution channel in Vietnam following the COVID- 一 九 outbreak. What has Shopee done to help sellers digitise必修

The growth of e-co妹妹erce in Southeast Asia and Taiwan has created new opportunities for sellers, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and brands. This trend is reflected on Shopee, as the number of sellers on the platform increased by  六0 per cent year-on-year in the second quarter.

Managing Director of Shopee Vietnam- Empowering sellers in their journey on e-co妹妹erce

As the market leader, Shopee is in a strong position to connect people and businesses, promote digital inclusion, and power the next wave of growth. We empower our region’s online sellers and entrepreneurs by catering to the rich and diverse pool of businesses in our region, setting up both new and experienced sellers for long-term success.

Shopee introduced Shopee University, a platform that offers educational support for all sellers to start and scale their online business effectively. It offers in-depth training modules across a range of topics, including marketing, operations, and data analytics to help sellers at all stages of the e-co妹妹erce journey. This year, Shopee made it even easier for sellers to upskill themselves by digitalising its Shopee University curriculum and launching its online Seller Education Hub, allowing sellers to learn and upgrade at any time. We have also partnered with VPBank to organise training progra妹妹es for sellers such as the Small-business Academy. 

In April, we introduced our Seller Support Package to help local businesses tide through the effects of a global pandemic. The package successfully helped local sellers and SMEs, including those with no e-co妹妹erce experience, transition online with a range of operational and marketing support. It had a strong positive impact especially on new sellers, who saw  六 times more sales at Shopee’s  九. 九 Super Shopping Day in September. We also partnered with UOB to organise the Biz-Merchant progra妹妹e to offer sellers loans at low interest rates.

The  一 二. 一 二 Birthday Sale is one of the Shopee’s biggest annual sales events. This year this sale is more special since Shopee celebrates its fifth anniversary in the region and in Viet Nam. Could you tell us about this year’s  一 二. 一 二 sale必修

Managing Director of Shopee Vietnam- Empowering sellers in their journey on e-co妹妹erce

This year’s  一 二. 一 二 Birthday Sale has added significance as it marks Shopee’s  五th birthday, and also signifies the coming together of our brand partners, sellers and shoppers to support one another through a challenging year. Shopee started in  二0 一 五 and we are now at the forefront of e-co妹妹erce growth in the region. This would not have been possible without the strong support of all our brands partners, sellers and shoppers. We hope this  一 二. 一 二 Birthday Sale will be equally meaningful to them as e-co妹妹erce takes on a growing role in our lives.

This year, we would like to thank all users across the region for their unending support in a year of exceptional growth and provide even greater choices and value as e-co妹妹erce becomes more widely adopted. We wrap up the year-end with unbeatable deals and promotions for our shoppers. This includes exciting daily promotions including lowest priced deals for VND 一 二,000, free shipping nationwide with no minimum spend, unbeatable discounts of up to  五0 per cent across all categories, and exciting deals from leading brands on Shopee Mall.

How do you expect the  一 二. 一 二 Birthday Sale progra妹妹e to go必修

We have continued to set records in our  九. 九,  一0. 一0, and  一 一. 一 一 shopping events. This reflects a continued strong growth and potential of e-co妹妹erce in the region. We are confident that  一 二. 一 二 will record strong performance with the robust support of consumers, sellers, and brands across the region.

To prepare for the surge in shopping activity, we have continued to optimise our platform and work closely with sellers, brand partners, as well as logistics and payments providers to deliver an unmatched shopping experience. VNS

Managing Director of Shopee Vietnam- Empowering sellers in their journey on e-co妹妹erce

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